A Day in the Life of a Knoxville House Flipper…

Chuck Ward

Wow, an exciting but frustrating day in the Knoxville house flipping business. We signed a contract on a 4700 sq. ft home in Maryville. It’s a great house with lots of potential for a great profit. I normally do not buy high priced homes but this one will make a ton of money.

The day started off meeting a painter, landscaper, and my usual trip to the Home Depot. As the day wore on, it got more busy. I checked on an electrical job, look at another potiental flip and my favorite thing- haul trash to the dump. I finished my day with frustration after leaving a job site and no work has been done since Tuesday. So I pulled the old Extreme Flipper trick and changed the code to get in the house. This way I will know when the work continues. When the contractor calls for the new code…..

Chuck Ward… the Knoxville House Flipper

Chuck Ward has over 25 years of “hands-on” real estate investments, restorations and improving neighborhoods which has taught him the value of hard work, personal involvement and a commitment to making a difference one home at a time.

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